As a freelancing draughtsperson, I have received widespread experience for my contributions in both mechanical and electrical draughting while being involved in product development, presentation, and design reviews. My work involved a combination of technical expertise and creativity. I also brings together technologies from different environments and works inventively. In so doing, I am able to translate ideas into working products that meet the needs. I also endeavour to help engineering designers in improving their productivity. My primary function was to identify the specific needs of professionals designers within the construction industry and then to meet these requirements in a professional, time sensitive and cost-effective manner. I also offer services as complex as Concept Design, Project Planning and Compiling Design Applications or Presentations. I work with a team of skilled and experienced draughtsman from different disciplines who are dedicated to providing reliable and professional service that is on time every time. We use the latest Synchronous 3D modelling software and also use laser as well as infrared reflector-less surveying equipment onsite when producing layout drawings, assembly or detail drawings and mechanical surveying depending on the clients requirements.

Monday, November 3, 2014

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Why I choose to design....

We are all wrapped in a world of cutting edge technologies and various methods of communicating, all of which are fast and effective. Everything is basically just a “click away”. What your business needs is a designer that can deliver products conveniently on time and at a great price. Translated, this means that as an small independently designer, I will also courier your product whilst offering product related support.

Stitching Together a Culture...

A cottage industry of cycling fashion and accessories has blossomed in recent years, one of the fruits of the local cycling and Critical Mass movement. It includes makers of clothing, accessories and small-production boutique bicycles. Not only has it given sustenance to those directly involved, it has helped drive an emerging DIY movement concerned with sustainable, local production; “buy-local” shopping and, of course, environmentally friendly mobility. I have partnered with a small bag maker who typifies the movement. The conversation started in 2006, a classic case of necessity as the mother of invention. The local producer then an employee and working for a gun case manufacturer, needed a new project, but the only thing was that the local market were notoriously slow to fill orders. So we got involved with the producer and decided to market the bags and having the producer make the bags on a home sewing machine for a rural school.

With the help of some teachers union members and having an accomplished seamstress, I supplied the bags and the idea of a commercial enterprise was born. Now with the newly established manufacturing brand - Urban Project, I'm working on the design and manufacturing a new range of bags to fill a niche for durable, customizable bags that match the quality of established international brands while having the cost advantages of a home based enterprise. The new range of products will begin with a basic messenger bag and hip pouch, and will soon be beefed up with a professional messenger bag called the "Eco bag". In the not so distance future, the selection will also incorporate double-strapped backpacks, tool pouches, iPad sleeves and U-lock cases. As evidence of our fashion focus on the "Eco bag" as ideal for customers "who like the style ... of messenger bags, but not always using their bag on a bicycle". Future bags will still be designed especially for school children as the primary market.

Promoting community development...

I have been committed to promoting electronic learning since my involvement in 2000 with the Gauteng Online provincial project building iLabs in schools and providing learners and teachers. I am in support of local projects that aims to improve the quality of education in our community using technology to improve curriculum delivery. As an entrepreneur, I care about what makes “great teaching”. It’s not complicated to measure how teaching aids supplied over the years are helping teachers make decisions in the classroom and what impact those decisions have on what pupils learn. My overall aim is to provide products with a framework of indicators that focus on teachers’ effort on things which are important and can help their pupils learn even better.

Tables are also great additions to an office and have an unbeatable serving criteria. One of the most special types of tables is the coffee table has really signified character in office routines. If you sorting out some really thrifty ways to get a coffee table then adapt this coffee table design to get a cozy layout of a table. We have shaped up a coffee table with storage which would be much helpful while in mood to have some snacks and tiny meals.

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